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Auto Locksmith Peterborough

As a auto locksmith in Peterborough, if you lose your car key in Peterborough, or your car key won't work ,or you are locked out of your car, my automotive locksmith services can help.  

Please contact me via Text, WhatsApp or call 07716 106751 or email with your vehicle details and what service you require, and I'll reply asap with the best value option for your needs. 

As a mobile auto locksmith local to Peterborough, my services include non destructive lockouts using rods or picks, and I can provide replacement car keys across Peterborough and the surrounding areas.  If your car keys are lost, or not working due to damage, I can provide a replacement car key or provide spare keys.  

I can change existing old or broken car keys and carry out some key repairs.  I have the latest car key technology, with equipment capable of cutting and programming bladed car keys, and keyless fobs for most makes and models.  

If you are locked out of your car, in Peterborough or the surrounding area, your car key is lost, broken or just faulty / not working, please get in contact with us at Cut and Coded Auto Car Keys.